Barro Board/MDF Core: Medium Density Fiberboard is manufactured from pressure-cooked wood chips which are broken down into fibers and combined with resin and wax and pressed into panels. The compressed fibers make it very dense. It is an inexpensive alternative to plywood, used in many applications ie. cabinets, shelving, substrate for laminate and for interior use only. However, it is much heavier than plywood (95lbs for 3⁄4” 4' x 8' panels) and has inferior screw holding capabilities compared to standard veneer core plywood. If it gets wet it may swell. The MDF core plywood has outstanding surface smoothness that prevents grain telegraphing. It is true to size. Edges can be routed into many different profiles. (For exterior fiberboard see Medex).

Cabinet Liner: Simpson cabinet liner is ready-to-use polyester resin overlaid fir plywood panel designed for case and shelving application in cabinetry, fixtures and furniture. It is an excellent choice for doing interior shelves. Much better screw holding capacity and stays flatter than particle-board core (available in white and black).

Corkboard: 1/8" corkboard on top of homasote.

Duron: Tempered masonite (compressed pressed wood) hard throughout entire board. All that we carry is perforated (peg-board).

H.D.O 100/100 (concrete form): Exterior fir plywood with a high-density overlay that gives the most durable, reliable concrete forming finish on the market. Releases from the concrete cleanly and easily. Can be used for numerous pours.

Homasote: Used in place of plywood for carpet underlayment, partitions, sidewall sheeting, signs and tack boards. It is composed of compressed cardboard, without any knots, voids or splinters. Available in 1⁄2” thickness only.

MDF Ultra: Double refined medium density fiberboard. This product is more heavily machined to provide a more consistent cut (it has the same consistency through the entire piece) this is ideal for raised panel work where you would see the side profile. Edges can be routed into many different profiles.

Medex: Exterior MDF that will work well in applications where moisture is a concern. It can be used in the following non-structural applications; countertops, baseboard and decorative cap mouldings, windowsills, display cases, lawn ornaments, raised panel inserts, garage door panels and display exhibits. Medex is recommended for use in; schools, museums, day care centers, medical & dental facilities, retirement homes, laboratories and toys. It is formaldehyde free.

Melamine: Thermal fused paper on particleboard (white, almond, grey or black) Inexpensive alternative to plywood for shelving and cabinet making. However it does not have the screw holding capabilities of standard veneer core plywood or cabinet liner.

Particle Board: Constructed from wood particles being blended with resin and wax and pressed into panels. It does not machine as well as medium MDF or veneer core plywood and is also rather heavy (approximately 95lbs per 3⁄4” 4' x 8' panel). It is less expensive alternative to veneer core and MDF. Used for countertop underlayment because of the price and the availability in various sizes.

T 1-11: Exterior siding (4”, 8” and 12” on-center). Used for exterior applications such as siding, barns and sheds.

Trupan Ultralight: Medium Density Fiberboard that is ideal for lightweight projects such as mouldings, picture frames, suspended ceilings, indoor paneling, etc. This is 30% lighter in weight than standard MDF and less dense because more air is utilized in the manufacturing process and it puts less wear on machines and tools. Manufactured with Radiata Pine. A possible drawback may be fuzzy edges due to machining (in comparison to standard MDF or Ultra). Sold in metric sizes. Available in 12mm (1/2”) to 38mm (1-1/2”).

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